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CDC Services provides one service, the collection of Business to Business debt. We offer our clients piece of mind when it comes to the recovery of their debt allowing them to take care of their clients and not loose time collecting what is rightfully theirs.

We do this on a “no collection, no fee” basis.

We are a young business, build on the experience and knowledge of more than 15 years, with a fresh and new approach to Business to Business debt recovery.

Our core focus is not just to collect debt, but to do it in such a way, that it benefits our clients more than it benefits us.

Keeping our focus on building relationship with not just our clients, but also with the debtors we collect from, we strive to be the preeminent choice when it come to Corporate Debt Collection Services.

Respect, empathy and symbiotic relationship building, combined with a firm hand and an eagerness to timeously resolve collections is what separates us from traditional Debt Collectors.

In line with industry standards we perform our debt collection services on a “no collection, no fee” basis.

We understand that timeous debt recovery is more important than the fees and interest we could collect, and we strive to collect our client’s debt as fast as possible. In line with this approach, we offer our services on not just a “no collection, no fee” basis, but our fees and interest is also based on time. The longer it takes us to collect, the less we will collect on the debt collected. Contact us for a free no obligation meeting to discuss our service offerings.

Our debt recovery services are aimed at improving your cashflow in order for you to increase your profits.

CDC Services have partnered with attorneys and corporate consultants to provide our clients with a full debt recovery solution. We can thus assist you with the recovery of your debt as well as provide you with assistance to overcome any problems that might have resulted from outstanding debtors.


When you engage a reputable debt recovery like CDC Services to recover debt owed to you by your clients, you can rest assured that your debt will be recovered in a timeous and provisional manner.

We perform our services in accordance to the strict guidelines and laws that Governs the recovery of debt, but more so by our own internal ethics and processes.

We perform our services on tried and tested processes guaranteeing not just the timeous collection of debt, but we will at the same time be in a position to provide our clients with up to date reports and projections about their debt.

Our services are based on a simple 4 step system:

  1. Confirmation of debt due,
  2. Attempting to secure an Amicable solution,
  3. Implementing term-based requests,
  4. Commencing with legal processes,

The goal always remaining the same, the simple, fast and amicable recovery of our client’s debt, whilst maintaining and building on our client’s relationship with their debtors.

CDC Services is a member of the South African council of Debt Collectors and we invite our clients and debtors alike to report us to the council should we not resolve any problems in a reasonable time frame.

CDC Services further uses one of South Africa’s best-known debt collections programs that insures the save and confidential collection of client and debtors information. This software also provides us with correct and up to date tools to be used when collecting debt such as collection letters and letters of demand, it further provides us with the ability to track our internal processes and the payments from debtors. I turn we can provide our clients with reports based on this information.

Additional benefits from using CDC Services is that we understand the need to improve your cash flow by means of collecting your debt is an urgent matter and we do not drag out the process to simply collect more fees and interest.

We act timeously and firmly in order to collect your debt as quickly and provisionally as possible, whilst remaining within the guidelines of the law and the council of Debt collectors.

We offer our clients a “no collections, no fee” based service, with a upfront agreed upon fee structure. This fee structure could further be based on a sliding scale. The longer we take to collect your debt the less we earn.


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